First, mobile communications.

It is also referred to as mobile communication.
It means "Communication with mobile terminals using radio waves (wireless connection) and related services".

It may be easy to understand if you imagine a mobile phone or a computer with wireless connection.

I believe that we, living today, are supported and helped considerably by mobile communications.

As of 2019, "3G" and "4G" are used in smartphones, etc.
It is said that "5G" will be available from 2020.

By the way, do you know what "G" is for 3G, 4G and 5G?

I think it's the G of "Giga"!

No no no. it's the G of "Generation"!
Not of "Giga"!

History of evolution

If there is 4G, does it mean there is 1G?


Learn about the evolution of mobile communications.

Name Usage Speed Period of provision a word
1G voice call Because there is only voice, "None" 1979 – 2000 I didn't know there was a "Voice only" in mobile communications.
2G Voice call/Mail-Net (Mostly Text) 9600bps~64Kbps 1993 – 2012 It's surprising that it was available until recently.
3G Voice call/Mail-Net (Image Capable) 384Kbpsbps~42Mbps 2001 ~ Why did the Galapagos users depend on this?
4G Voice call/Mail-Net (Supports video) ~150Mbps(LTE)
2010 ~ As of September 19, 2019,
I think many people are taking care of this.
5G Voice calls, e-mail, and Internet
IoT also, it can be used for automatic driving.)
20Gbps~? From the middle of 2020
I want to experience super speed quickly.

The unit of velocity is "bps (bits per second)", and the larger the number, the faster is K (Kilo), M (mega), and G (Giga). It's OK if you think so!

With the 5G characteristic

5G will be available in 2020.
Speed of the optical line used in the home
far beyond,
BUTfastIt's not just.

The 5G feature is rough.
"Large Capacity", "Fast", "(simultaneous) multiple connections." and "low delay" Mobile communications.
can be expressed as.

But it's just that"Large capacity!"I don't know.
Let's learn about each content.

Fast! It's too fast!

In addition to the 4G frequencies currently in use (As of September 19, 2019),
By using a higher frequency
Like up to 20 Gbps (gigabits per second)
Many data ("Large Capacity!") can be passed.

"By extending the road (Frequency),
A lot of people (Data) will be able to pass. "
It may be good to imagine that.

You can download photos and movies in seconds!

However, the communication equipment (Mobile phones, etc.) must support large-capacity communication.
Even if you're using 5G, you're only able to get to the speed the device supports.

In addition, the added frequency has a characteristic that it is weak for buildings.
Let's expect the response of each service provider.

In the future, when you buy a 5G device,
Note also the speed the device supports.

※With a thing without artistic taste

You can use it at the same time!

There are a lot more Internet-enabled devices.
Even home appliances can be connected to the Internet. (IoT)Now that the time has come,
You must be able to connect many devices at the same time. That's what 5G does!

It is the highest quality communication even in the place where many people gather such as the event hall...!

Communication without delay! ~ Self-driving cars, along with medical care ~

Automobiles are equipped with sensors to measure distance between cars.
When it comes to operation only with that, there is a limit to the measurable distance.
There will be various problems.

I think there was a news about an accident of a self-driving car.

As of September 22, 2019, the number of self-driving (It runs inside the white line.) vehicles sold in Japan is
Perimeter pay attention to
It can be said to do.font>

In late years the Internet (5G) is used for developed automatic driving.
By using the Internet (5G),
"secure remote control" is possible.
"low delay" can help here.
If the delay is high, it takes time to execute the remote control and causes a traffic accident.

In addition to remote control, by using the Internet,
"Checking traffic conditions several kilometers away" is possible.
By checking the condition a few kilometers ahead and performing gear and brake operation
You can avoid accidents by driving comfortably.
It must be an eco-friendly drive in some cases because of appropriate braking.

For this reason, the self-driving cars that will be put to practical use in the future will be
"The neighborhood"+ ThereattentionIt may be said that I do it.

the car without the driver is early and wants to get on!

The low latency of 5G also makes a significant contribution to medical practice.

Remote surgery is not a dream!

5G Recent

On this page, I learned about 5G in Japan.

The overview is almost the same in other countries, but the timing of service launch is very different.

A mobile company in the United States launched 5G service on April 3, 2019 before the world. Fast.
On the same day, as if by force, a certain mobile company in Korea also started the service.

(You can see the fight between mobile companies.)

There may have been a spirit of "do before other corporations".

However, even though the service has been launched, its scope is still limited.
Of course, the scope will be expanded in the future.

That's great!

When we can feel 5G easily, we are getting closer.


  • 5G is Generation's G!
  • 5G... will be available in 2020. "Fast and stable"!
  • In the United States and South Korea, 5G services are already available.
    The service is limited in scope but will be expanded in the future.

Next, I recommend you to learn "IoT" of "Future world"!