Why create this site?


With the increasing popularity of the Internet,
many things in daily life have come to be done through the Internet.
The same goes for the operation of home appliances and the application for entrance exam.

I used it when I applied for high school entrance exams.

In this way, the Internet has become essential for survival.
So I thought,
"Do we really have the knowledge and attitude to use it safely and properly?".

In today's society,
various kinds of information are being passed around,
such as "Truth and lies" from strangers.

That's why I decided to create a website based on the idea that
"I want those who wear it to check it again, and those who don't wear it to wear it!"
in order to acquire knowledge and attitude,
protect myself from the dangers of the Internet,
and live in the future.

Right. Yeah.

Images and other materials were used to make this report
as easy to understand as possible for future society and other topics.
I did my best.

You can see that the Internet penetration rate is increasing year by year.
※Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, White Paper H30. (Units:%)
You can see that the Internet penetration rate is increasing year by year.
We hope this site will be valuable to "Everyone who lives now and in the future".

Origin of the site name

Because there are "Dangerous(Black)" and "Good (white)" on the Internet! That's it!

Features of this site

    To reduce the number of loads as much as possible, to create multiple topics in as few pages as possible.

    In order to make it easy for everyone to understand without getting tired of it, I aimed for an easy-to-understand and interesting writing.

    The order of learning topics is basically "freedom"!
    But we will also introduce a recommended route!

What is the Internet?

A "huge network" made by connecting networks all over the world.

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Recently, it is used for games, operation of home appliances and shopping.


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