Having learned so far, I learned about various cultures such as SNS and IoT.

The culture helps us. I couldn't have created this site without the Internet,
and I wouldn't have created it without it. We can't live without the Internet today.

Without a smartphone game, I can't live.

Well, the Internet is convenient and great.
But I also learned that the Internet is dangerous.
How about you over there in front of the screen?

It's true that I had trouble because of the words I casually sent through the chat application.
At that time, I became an assailant for the first time.

On the contrary, I have become a victim.

As expected, I reflected on myself and now I try to send it after confirming once that "Is this OK?" before I send it.

To avoid troubles like "Yukki",
I would like you to check the content once when you tell it to the other person through "Text Only" such as chat application.
Once you send it, it may spread and be irrevocable before you cancel it.

In the first place, I think it is a mistake to send it on the premise of canceling.

This isn't limited to chat apps or SNS.
When you do something, you should think in your head before you do it.

If I think so, I can learn not only the Internet but also everyday things from the Internet.
The Internet is amazing.


The Internet is and will continue to evolve.
We, living in such a world, will have to deal with the trouble caused by it.
That's why we need to be even more cautious and deal with dangerous yet beautiful and wonderful "Information".

In order to live for the future and overcome the troubles that come with the future,
let's reflect on our behavior and behavior and wear "The power to live with the times" now!

It will be hard from now on.

It's going to be a long battle.


"Graynet" was created by "PC CLUB" of "Hinode Gakuen Junior & Senior High School"