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The Internet has always evolved since its birth in the 1960s.
Today, we talk, send information, shop and watch videos on the Internet.
... and benefiting from the convenient Internet,...

Are you aware of the horrors of the Internet?

From "false rumor" and "bullying" on SNS,
to "locating" on casual uploaded photos.
The power of the Internet is immeasurable.

You can learn a lot about the horrors of the Internet here.

It's joke.

You can learn not only bad points but also good points.
Explore the world of "past" "Current" and "future" on the Internet to find challenges,
think about them, and gain knowledge.

Welcome to "Graynet".


Hi, I'm a mob.
On this site, I will learn various things with 3 people of "Graynet Team".

 Ⅰ.role  Ⅱ.What I like  Ⅲ.A word for the time being 
Hi, I'm Shima. I was responsible for programming, writing articles, and overseeing the entire project. I like playing games and making games.
Hello, I'm Yucky. I was in charge of writing an article. My hobby is reading.
I'm Kay. I was in charge of writing an article. I like computer games.

"Graynet" was created by "PC CLUB" of "Hinode Gakuen Junior & Senior High School"


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