Technology and Cameras

Various technologies have been developed year by year regardless of field.
The same goes for photos and videos.
Well, smartphones these daysI can take videos of 4K.
You can even copy a fingerprint from a high-quality photo.

In other words, you can shoot very beautiful videos!

Is it possible to duplicate a fingerprint from a peace sign?

y y yeees!

Oh my god!!!

Movie I was shot at 4K/60 fps (In other words, it moves smoothly and beautifully!).
You may think that the quality of the image is bad due to the function of the site, but the original image is beautiful! That's true!

More recently,Photos and videos taken with smartphones,You can edit it on your smartphone!You can edit on your smartphone !

It's time for you to be beautiful with your smartphone.

HUH? Then, don't you need Purikura?
Why are there Purikura in amusement arcades?

Wouldn't it be good to "Take with the print club picture"?

Oh. I see.

Movie I
Do you know what the shooting device of this video is?
(Taken by "Team Graynet".
The data size exceeds 200 MB. Please be careful.)


This is a sudden question.
Let's say you take a picture. What should I do with the picture?
Is it over after taking a picture? Shall I show it to my friend? Orupload to SNS?Do you want to do it?

SNS has developed, and the number of people who upload their pictures on SNS has increased.
Instagram introduced on SNS page .
Do you remember what it was like? (If you don't remember or don't know , please check here !)

Shared services based on "Photo"!

That's Right!

This service will make it easier for anyone to post photos.
All good things! You might think so.
However, if you take 1 wrong step by posting a photo (And of course, you can also post videos), the shooting position will be revealed, and in the worst case, it may develop into a stalker.

You won't be able to find!

It's dangerous!


As a reason to say it's dangerous, let's try to identify the location. Please look at this picture.

※Photo I

Do you know where this picture was taken?


In fact, it's easy to know where to shoot.


※Photo II

Note the upper right of photo I.
The blue guide sign is the big key to locate.
If you turn left, you can go to Soka and Matsudo, and if you turn right, you can go to National Route 357, Funabashi and Tokyo.
Check out the Google maps.

※Photo III

I found a place like that.
Come to think of it, there was a unidi nearby,
I think I can find more detailed places...

No way......

※Photo IV

I found it.


... yes. Here's a picture.
For a Google map,
By filtering "Around a specified location"
and we can look it up.
Because of this, it took less than an hour to locate it.
Are you scared?


In some cases, this is a specific method.

By the GPS function of the shooting equipment,
Location information recorded in the photo data

Wow, there is such a thing. I didn't know that.

It depends on smartphones, but there is a function that shows the place where the picture was taken on the map.

The producer of this site has turned on the GPS function to take pictures because it is interesting like filling world map.

To do this, you first need to go to your computer and select the geotagged photo properties.
Check the latitude and longitude of the shooting location.
Once you confirm it , use the latitude and longitude of photo V on this site. Let's locate it.

Displays the latitude, longitude, and altitude of the location.

※Photo V

When you type like this,...

Enter your latitude, longitude, and altitude into the site.

※Photo VI

There is a slight error, but there is a similar place as before. Isn't that great?


※Photo VII

I want to post a photo, but I can't because it has a geotag!

Wow! Good news!
Major SNS(LINETwitterInstagramFacebook)Up When you post a photo, the geotag will disappear! Don't worry!
However, please note that it does not disappear if you send it by email.

But! You've probably already seen that you can locate a photo without geotagging.
If you don't want to be identified, please use a signboard nearby to avoid being identified.
Let's use SNS safely, safely, and soundly by making efforts to erase things unique to the place!


Note that:If you don't want to geotag from the beginning, turn off the GPS function of the camera in Settings.
You can also delete them from your PC.For details, see on the next page .

"LINE" is a trademark or registered trademark of LINE Corporation. "Twitter" is a trademark or registered trademark of Twitter, Inc. "Facebook" is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. "Instagram" is a trademark or registered trademark of Instagram, LLC.


  • Recently, you can take high quality photos and movies with "Smartphone"!
  • You can identify the location from something small in a photo or video!
    Be careful before taking photos!
  • "geotag"... This is the location information recorded in the photo data by the GPS function of the shooting device!
    Easy to specify the shooting position! If you don't need geotagging, turn off the camera's GPS function in Settings!
    Most SNS will automatically delete when you post!