Society=A particular large group of people who share laws, organizations and customs etc.

What is "Society1.0..."?

Can you understand when people say "Society1.0"?
So, I have summarized what they are, so please take a look.
Society... What kind of society is it? Image of society Trigger for change
1.0 Hunting Like the Jomon period Starting
2.0 Agriculture Like the Yayoi period Development of rice cultivation techniques
3.0 Industrial Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution. Development of steam engines
4.0 Information Present Japan Emergence of computers
5.0 ???? Japan of the future AI?Iot?It was an unknown world.

To put it simply, "Society 5.0".

It was advocated as
"Future society Japan should aim for"
in "Fifth Technology Basic Plan"
of the Cabinet Office! That's it!

What is Society 5.0 aiming for?

※Progress of the Society.

The information society of Society 4.0 had a problem of insufficient cooperation across various fields because knowledge and information were not shared and only 1 field could not cope with the modern society.

In addition, as you know, there are limits to what people can do, so finding and analyzing the necessary information among a large amount of information is a significant burden, and there are restrictions on work and range of activities due to age and disability.

That's true.

But at Society 5.0, IoT will connect people and objects, share knowledge and information, and overcome these problems by enabling us to do things that were previously impossible due to lack of information!

In addition, AI will enable necessary information to be provided when needed, and technologies such as robots and self-driving vehicles (5G) will help address the declining birthrate and aging population, depopulation in rural areas, and the gap between rich and poor.

"5G" is amazing!

At Society 5.0, you can expect "A society in which people can overcome their sense of stagnation through social change and respect each other through generations" "A society where each person can spend a comfortable time and play an even more active role".

Some people say "The future is dominated by AI."
but Society 5.0 is "A society that uses AI based on various information to act as a substitute or support for the work that has been done by humans." and not a society dominated or monitored by AI!

Society5.0 and Education.

The "School" inspired by Society 5.0 will allow students to learn according to their "Individuals" progress and abilities, rather than the "group" that they used to do, while at the same time cultivating abilities that only humans can use. We haven't seen the world of Society 5.0 yet, but the new college entrance exam, "university entrance examination common test" adds "description" to the answer method, and "thinking power" which is difficult to measure with the conventional National Center Test for University Admissions, is emphasized.

The authors were likely to be the first students to take a standardized test that introduced descriptive questions, but the introduction of descriptive questions in the January 2021 standardized university entrance test was postponed.

In addition, as we live in the future, we are destined to coexist with AI. In the future, schools will need to cultivate the ability to use AI to develop human resources who will lead society.
In fact, the direction of what should be addressed is:

Realization of learning optimized for individuals!

Acquisition of basic academic ability and ability to utilize various information!

Breaking away from the division of literature by universities and others!

and so on. To achieve these goals, the report recommends improving the quality of education through the use of technology in education, such as "Portfolio" which records the results of activities.

The portfolio you input will be used for university entrance exams!
We also prepare by inputting from smartphones and so on.

※Image of portfolio
(Made by "Team Graynet")


  • Society 5.0 not only makes the impossible possible, but also puts more emphasis on individuals!
  • Society 5.0 is not a society "control and monitoring" by AI!
  • In introducing AI, it would be better for us to acquire skills that AI cannot replace, such as the ability to deal with "Ethical View" "dilemma" and "Unexpected".
  • Society 5.0 is closely related to education, and the importance of thinking has been emphasized in entrance exams!

Next, I recommend you to learn "5G" of "Future world"!